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Outdoor HDTV is dedicated to providing top-of-the-line digital solutions for outdoor display systems. We don’t have cookie-cutter products, we provide custom modules and enclosures that are long-lasting and easily adjusted for your specific needs.

TVs you buy at the store aren’t going to be optimal for outside display. Traditional televisions aren’t weather-proofed, they can’t operate in extreme temperatures, and their displays are not optimized for direct sun exposure. Our high-bright screens are placed in weather-resistant enclosures to protect the LCD displays. We offer a variety of mounting solutions, and we have systems ranging the gamut from low-budget to high-tech. You can just buy an enclosure for a screen you’ve already purchased, or you can get all your components from us.

A lot of technology providers make it difficult for you to make repairs. If something happens, or you want to make a small change, you have to call a certified tech, and getting inside the system is a hassle. Not with us. All of our systems are made to be easily accessible. We’re an all-inclusive company that is constantly developing workarounds for future problems we foresee. We want your experience with Outdoor HDTV to be outstanding, which means a long-lasting, low maintenance system.

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